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Hydro Power Developments

The main goal of the project is to accelerate sustainable Small Hydropower Developments electricity generation in India. As part of the project UNDP will help introduce a competitive private power framework to supply the grid with Small Hydro Power-generated electricity at market-determined prices, assist the Government in closing private sector funded Small Hydro Power investments.

Expected results:-

  • Draft of methodology for the economic/financial evaluation of small hydropower plants.
  • A complete set of regulations on financial and other incentives for developers of small hydro power plants.
  • Draft guidelines and technical standards for maintenance and operation small hydropower.
  • Feasibility studies for 2 small pilot hydropower sites.
  • A number of constructed pilot micro hydro power plants.
  • Preparation of detail Project Report.
  • Allotment of projects from various govt. departments
  • A number of medical units in remote areas have installed pilot micro hydro power stations and solar power panels.