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Some of the projects which are handled by the concern firms/companies of Vaishnavi Consultants like M/s. Design Center, Ira Hydropower Consultancy, Vaishnavi Hydropower Consultancy Services etc. are as under:

  1. Malana Hydro Power Project Dhunkra (86 MW):- Consultancy & Survey for improvement of road from Power House site to Barrage site. (Award Letter No MLN/297 DT 19-09-1999)
  2. Malana Hydro Power Project Dhunkra (86 MW):- Consultancy & Survey for Improvement of road from Chror Nalla To Dhunkra (Award Letter No MLN/C 288 DT 10.9.1999
  3. Small Hydro Projects handled since last three years
    • Hurla Distt. Kullu Lender's Engineers appointed by UCO Bank Caunaught Place New Delhi Letter No-MCU/CP/ADV 2007–08 dated 30-06-08
    • Ghaghi –II Kullu, (H.P)
    • Barthi Kullu, (H.P)
    • Shilla Kullu, (H.P)
    • Chaksi –ll Kullu, (H.P)
    • Balargha Kullu, (H.P)
    • Buda Kedar, (UK)
    • Shansha L&S, (H.P)
    • Billing -ll L&S, (H.P)
    • Tarapur L&S, (H.P)
    • Khoksar L&S, (H.P)
    • Sarahan Distt. Shimla, (H.P)
    • Dawas Distt. Shimla, (H.P)
    • Nerva Distt. Shimla, (H.P)
  4. Sarahan Hyro Power Project, Distt Shimla (H.P)
  5. Dhawas Hyro Power Project,Distt Shimla(Hp)
  6. Nerwa Hyro Power Project,Distt Shimla(H.P)
  7. Hamal Hyro Power Project Shimla (H.P)
  8. Sarahan -2 Hydro Power Project, (H.P)

About 20 to 30 projects which are applied through us are likely to be allotted. Vaishnavi Consultants has a team of Consultants engineers those are having extensive experience of development of Hydro power in Himachal. Financial institute have appointed them as their consultant & lender’s engineer. The survey team has experience to work at Parvati Hydro project (800 MW). Survey work is done by total station & all the work in converted in soft copies (CDs) and is being kept safe for future references. All the design & drawing work is done on software like Stadd & Autocad. Most of the team members are bonafied & permanent residence of Himachal Pradesh.